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Real Estate Cambodia, Cambodia’s Property Authority is a premium real estate agent portal where modern aesthetics are combined with tasteful simplicity and where the ease of use is achieved without compromise in your ability to showcase your or your client’s properties

Whether you are a property developer looking to show off  for your next project, or a home owner looking to add properties your own properties you are certain to appreciate the numerous features and benefits that our portal provides.

This is not a portale that only takes care of the front of a real estate business. This is also a state of the art property management system which allows you to own and maintain your own real estate marketplace and offer something new and modern to potential buyers.

Your sales potential. Unrestricted.

Unlike many other real estate portals which confine you to a handful of predefined layouts, Real Estate Cambodia offers a limitless array of possibilities to structure and style your properties. There is no more need to write custom code or hire a developer to realise your vision: all of the customisation options are logically organised in your admin panel and thoroughly explained in the provided documentation and tutorials.

Meet our team


Martin Martin
Executive Director


Emily Emily
Marketing Director


Donna Donna
Customer Care


Russell Russell
Creative Director

Real Estate Cambodia was built with your success in mind

Get more calls, schedule more viewings and close more high value deals

Easy to Get Started

Easy to follow tutorials to show you how to get started.  Fully supportive online customer service.

Personalised Layouts

Nothing is set in stone: you can structure your pages exactly how you want without having to write any code.

…and many other cool features to come as we grow…