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Abode is home

Abode is a place of residence, a house, a home. Abode Real Estate is a break away from Freer Properties here to provide you with quality properties for rent and sale. We look for more than a residence or house… we want to find you a home in Cambodia.

  • Our values remain – quality, honesty and integrity. 
  • Our logo represents Modernity, Precision and Warmth as points of difference to separate us from the pack.

abode /əˈbəʊd/ noun

abode: a place of residence, a house, a home

With growing numbers of agencies, what is our strategy to compete?

We’re not able to compete with multi-national agencies yet, but we do keenly watch our peers. We practice Quality Assurance which is a sustainable business practice. Good governance and eco-friendly strategies are two of our other core values. The numerous sub-standard brokers will ultimately be weeded out as the industry matures. It makes sense to work with than against other good companies to ensure continued quality.

Why should property buyers or renters seek Abode?

We focus on quality – listings, clients, information, photographs, fair and professional documentation – backed up with personalised service. We want to find you more than just a residence or house… we want to find you a home.

Why does Abode focus on old colonial buildings?

Phnom Penh is one of the most delightful colonial cities in the world. Its wide tree-lined avenues, pretty gardens and stately homes made it ‘the Pearl of Asia’ in the 1920’s. It is an attractive style that separates Phnom Penh from many other cities. They are well-built, respect the tropics and offer unique urban spaces.

From a micro (building) level to macro (city) level, Colonial buildings are to be cherished and preserved.  With the old buildings gone, Phnom Penh will become a glass and concrete jungle, indistinguishable from other urban centres. Abode proudly associates itself with the preservation of such beauty.

Are there any services Abode is planning to announce?

Abode has shifted focus to rentals and sales only to apply our resources strategically. We will continue to promote quality properties across Phnom Penh and beyond. Our focus was mainly on Daun Penh, but we now incorporate wider Phnom Penh and the provinces.

When you think of Abode, think of your next residence, house and home.

“… Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned…”

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