Suggesting Areyksat is facing significant development, the South Korean Ambassador traveling to Cambodia in January 2022 indicated that his government is exploring options of a bridge connecting Phnom Penh to Kandal province.

Areyksat, on the eastern bank of the grand Mekong River, has enormous development potential and, according to the Municipal Government’s Master Plan, is mooted to fall under the jurisdiction of Phnom Penh. As part of the plan, it will become a satellite city with shopping malls, residential, commercial, leisure and entertainment precincts. Technical teams researched numerous potential sites for a bridge from Chroy Changvar and/or at Daun Penh’s Riverside to connect with Kandal Province.

A ‘Bay Area Economic Circle’ is forming in central riverside Phnom Penh and crossing the Mekong River will be a landmark achievement by incorporating the two rivers into the city fabric. Building a bridge and physically connecting the population centres is expected to alleviate traffic congestion and make travel more convenient.

Phnom Penh’s outward expansion has been prevalent in the north (Sen Sok), the south and west (Meanchey) now full of boreys from well-known developers. But, the Cambodia-South Korea Friendships Bridge (Svay Chrum Bridge) will open up an eastward expansion.

Chbar Ampov to the southeast is a major population centre for almost 170,000 residents with many residential and commercial developments including a new bridge connecting it to Koh Pich (Koh Norea Bridge). This bridge services the new Koh Norea Satellite City (currently at 30% completion) directly opposite Areyksat on the Mekong.

These developments indicate a definitive eastward expansion of the city. Plans to incorporate Areyksat into Phnom Penh will be the final result of the ongoing development of Chbar Ampov and Chroy Changvar.

When measured on a satellite map in December 2020, Koh Norea is about 420 metres wide. In November 2021, the infill had narrowed the Mekong by about one-third at that location. The channel may be narrowed further due to infilling on the opposing bank, where Khun Sea for development of a separate satellite city project. This may suggest another bridge is being considered.

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