It is increasingly clear that the Cambodia property market will be robust enough to compete with other ASEAN urban centres. The sector has ridden a massive wave of foreign investment, mostly from China, with no foreseeable limit, despite COVID-19.

With more and more Cambodians emerging from poverty by this economic juggernaut, demand for properties is also growing. To meet this demand, there is constant supply of condos, apartments, borey units and other residential units.

Despite predictions of a property market crash, industry leaders generally feel Cambodia is headed in the right direction. The next 5 years’ growth is likely to be in condo and borey developments. This will be supported by direct foreign investment, rising land prices and a relatively stable political environment.

According to a Phnom Penh Post 21 April 2021 report, condo prices logged in increase between January and March as new projects entered the market. Demand was correctly predicted to slow as a result of lockdown restrictions. The Post goes on to quote CBRE that expressed optimism about economic growth and global push to vaccinate against Covid-19. Investors appear to be starting to make fresh investment decisions and more Cambodians are purchasing homes to live in.

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