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Can foreigners buy property in Cambodia?

Can foreigners buy property in Cambodia?

To encourage foreign investment, the Cambodian government allows foreigners to buy property in co-owned buildings (except ground floor properties, sub-soil or common areas) and that foreign ownership of private units does not exceed 70% of the entire block. This rule does not apply to properties <30km of national borders, excepting Special Economic Zones or important urban areas.

Five options for buying properties in Cambodia:

Option 1:

Forming a company to invest in property which must have >50% Cambodian shareholding.

Option 2:

Getting honorary Cambodian citizenship. A foreign national can obtain honorary Cambodian citizenship if s/he donates a ‘significant’ sum amount of money for the purposes of benefiting to the people in Cambodia. Those granted citizenship can acquire a 100% right of ownership over property purchased in Cambodia.

Option 3:

Buy and register property in a Cambodian citizen’s name. However, to avoid this individual from selling the property without informing the owner, the foreigner is advised to hold the title deed.

Option 4:

Foreigners can purchase a property as per Option 3 above and then enter into a long-term rental agreement with the Cambodian citizen (lasting up to 99 years).

Option 5:

A foreigner married to a Cambodian can register a property using their spouse’s name on the Title Deed.

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