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Abode receives many inquiries and complaints about the process of paying utility bills in Phnom Penh, so here is a quick guide to help you.

  1. Pay bills on time. Re-connections are time-consuming and costly
  2. Check addresses and account names are correct before paying
  3. Be familiar with where bills are placed – sometimes you will find them in unusual places!
  4. EDC bills are issued every month on the same date, so keep a lookout!
  5. Water bills are issued every 2 months – again keep a lookout for them
  6. Once a bill’s due date expired you cannot pay by App, instead, you have a few days’ grace to pay in the offices (see slides 2 & 3).
  7. Bills can be paid at Wing outlets (almost on every street)
  8. It may be a good idea to pay extra on your water bill to avoid disconnections
  9. EDC reconnections usually take <2 working days and cost $2.50
  10. Water reconnections usually take <2 working days $15.25
  11. Don’t expect action on weekends and certainly not on holidays
  12. EDC website:
  13. PPWSA website:

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