In these difficult times, it makes sense to look at your outgoing expenses so here are 10 suggestions to help you minimize your EDC bills AND look after the planet:

1. Use A/C sparingly and switch to DRY MODE for even more savings
2. Switch to solar power where you can (your landlord may be able to save money too)
3. Turn off devices completely, instead of putting them into STAND BY mode
4. Introduce penalties when your flat mate, partner or kids fail to switch things off
5. Turn lights off when not needed and change to energy-saving bulbs (take them to your new home, but remember to keep and replace the old ones!)
6. Try candlelit dinners or a BBQ with your loved one!
7. Buy clothes that don’t need ironing. A few wrinkles never killed anyone.
8. Go natural with hair – no straightener or dryer – or just shave it off altogether!
9. Turn your computer off for a few days and go outside (after lock down!)
10. Have an Earth Hour (60 minutes with no power) every week. It could change your love life!

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